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read review At the start of every week, we (Annabel and Dimity) like to make a big batch of protein balls or bars to snack on mid afternoon when we feel like reaching for something naughty, or as a post workout snack. Not only are these a good source of protein, they will keep your sugar cravings at bay and leave you feeling satisfied. We like to mix up our protein with hemp, brown rice protein, or pea protein.

PROTEIN BARS/ BALLS (Makes approximately 15)

Seroquel mexico Dry ingredients:
1x cup mixed nuts and seeds (we used almonds, pepitas and cashews)
1x cup shredded coconut
½ cup hemp protein
2x tablespoons bee pollen (another high source of protein)
½ cup hemp seeds

http://andrewsleigh.com/page/7?pdz=cash-advance-youngstown Wet ingredients:
20x medjool dates, pitted
4x tablespoons coconut oil
2x tablespoons brown rice syrup
4x tablespoons cacao
1x teaspoon vanilla powder (can be substituted with vanilla essence)
¼ cup water

Protein Balls 2In a food processer, combine dry ingredients. Pulse quickly to avoid powder-like consistency. Set aside. Add all other ingredients to empty food processer until they have reached a smooth texture. Combine both wet and dry ingredients.

For bars: Spread batter evenly into a baking dish and put into fridge until set. Cut into desired size and shape.

For balls: Roll ½ teaspoon of any nut butter (we used peanut butter, however you can skip this step completely) in the palm of your hand. Flatten out desired amount of protein mixture (we use about 2 tablespoon) and gently wrap around peanut butter to form your ball. We also like to coat our balls in either buckinis, crushed pistachios, chia seeds, shredded coconut, pepitas or sunflower seeds, etc.Protein Balls

*Store in fridge

We are lucky enough to have one of us working at a health -food store so all of our produce is organic and sourced from locals. We feel that this makes a huge difference not only to the taste of our food as it is always fresh, but also increases its nutritional value.

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